What is This Web-site All About?

An "Upgrade" in the works

The powers that be have decided that it is time that the intersection at Highway 280 at Page Mill Road is due for an upgrade. This is still in the planning process, and various stakeholders are working with CALTRANS (the Government Agency responsible for such things) to come up with a design. The major stakeholders include:

One set of stakeholders however seems to have been relegated to a smaller voice - so far their input to the process does not appear to have been heard or is somehow being assigned a lower priority in the face of input from the formal organizations identified above.

Purpose of this website

This website is intended to act as an information repository for the various documents, maps, discussions, etc. serving the community identified above. As such it will also act as a focal point and communication hub for the community of Page Mill users who live to the west of Highway 280.

By clicking the buttons above you should be able to find the most pertinent documents that reflect the current status of the planning effort and related documents. These range from very informal working documents to more formal papers, and may include items such as maps, sketches, photographs, agendas for meetings, lists of action items, and other miscellanea.

It is important to realize that this is a collection of information that is evolving over time. Nothing on this website should be construed as "official" or "final" unless it is explicitly labeled as such.

A Petition is being circulated

On hearing that a petition is in preparation, the first reaction of many people is "Why bother - this is CALTRANS controlled property, and if CALTRANS wants to do something major in this intersection, then they'll just do so. They are not going to listen to some minor stakeholder like Los Altos Hills".

Far be it from us to imply that any career civil servant working in some Government Agencies might rely on this attitude of powerless resignation to be able to initiate and execute ever larger projects as a step to career advancement. But unless a strong cohesive voice is raised, the agency will claim that "... all stakeholders are in favor of the plan..." and the project will be funded and built.

So it is incumbent on the affected community to go on record with a voice. Maybe CALTRANS will go ahead anyway, but at least we cannot allow them to claim that everybody was blindly in favor. At least we should try to have our voices heard and go on record with our feedback so that they will not later be able to say that we approved of what they did.

If you are still wavering about whether to sign the petition, consider the following extract from from the October 2013 staff report of Santa Clara County Roads and Airports Department:

(The full 3-page report may be seen by clicking here)

So please click on the "Petition Documents" button above, examine the petition(s) and let us know if we can add your name as a petitioner.

Late-Breaking News:

At the February 25 meeting of The Town's Traffic Safety Committee meeting, the committee made a motion to recommend that the City Council encourage Caltrans to hold off on their signalization project until after the County resolves the capacity issue on Page Mill/Oregon Expressway (Motion passed 3-1). Staff is scheduling a special City Council meeting to discuss this issue.